UPDATE : We have raised the funds for Stage 1 and are now looking for the site. Thank You to everyone – more updates to follow here!

We are growing trees -forests hopefully –  and would  welcome as much help as we can get. In  short here is the plan;

We buy land. Where there are no trees we plant them (we try to plant trees native to the area). 

Where there are trees, we let them grow. Older trees capture significantly more carbon than younger ones – where foresters will normally fell trees aged between 10 and 20 years we will leave trees up to 120 years. 

When we thin, the timber goes to construction or furniture  ( we are trying to avoid releasing the captured carbon through burning or decay).

We wait and breathe and wait. 

Here’s where we need your help – we’re doing this ourselves but could do a lot more with your help (read what and how we are doing in The Numbers and Our Commitment pages). But in short, 10 GBP will help grow 1 tree for a generation, 1,000 GBP will grow an acre of trees for the same amount of time. 

Will we have we fixed the problem – No – but we are doing a little bit more than we did yesterday. 

We know our lives are part of the problem, but help by making 1 little change with us.

Grow a tree or a whole forest with us. Grow a tree4change.com