• To Grow trees for the long term (we are committing to 25 years because it is hard to see beyond that)
  • To invest all  monies into the purchase of land and the maintenance of the forest – no profit will accrue from this project all monies will be recycled to grow more trees.
  • Total transparency  –  where we buy, what we buy, down to which tree/ acre/ forest  is yours if you like.


  • Will I be able to visit the forest – absolutely
  • Will I be able to include the forest in my branding, promotions etc – absolutely we only want  to grow trees
  • Do I own the forest – No. We commit to growing trees with your donation ( for a long time )- come see/ breathe them.
  • Can I sell my trees, trade these as carbon credits  –  No  – ultimately we want to grow trees not trade ethereal credits ( Trade cable its more fun anyway.)
  • Can I give a tree as a gift  –  absolutely.
  • Can I name a forest – absolutely. If you grow enough trees we’ll call it whatever you like.
  • Why is this cheaper than other Carbon offset programs I have seen – the truth is because we are doing this anyway, to try to  make a small change ourselves, we will just do a lot more with your help.
  • How can we start to grow trees together   Contact Us.

Grow a tree or a whole forest with us. Grow a tree4change.com