Tree4Change is a project started out of a realisation that I was not doing enough and realistically, the changes I was making were either too small or my commitment to making wholesale change was too weak.  It is an attempt to in some way compensate for the carbon footprint that I realistically know I am not able at present to change  – in particular arising from my very frequent flying.  

Unlike Carbon offset schemes under The Gold Standard the project does not aim to contribute to the tradable Carbon Credit Scheme, rather this is a commitment to growing forests  for a generation. 

We noticed that most  a/re-forestation schemes were in Africa or the Amazon but are aware that a large part of the strain we are putting on our planet is in Europe and so that is where we will concentrate our growing. (Talker)


Who We Are

People living in Europe who have made some changes but continue to get on planes, eat meat, who know they are part of the problem but want to take a step towards the solution. 

  • A talker – attempting to finally be part of the change
  • An arborist –  advising on what we grow and how
  • A lawyer – young, handsome and idealistic. 
  • A vegetarian – shaming everyone into action 
  • An old(er/hippy) – with a passion and a vision


Grow a tree or a whole forest with us. Grow a